I was born and raised in NY City and am inspired by all its people. The old lady’s with purple hair and crazy colors, the artists who color the city, and the melting pot of individuals who create fashion.

My clothes are all a mix of my boxing/fitness background along with my love of NYC streetwear. I combine both element merging comfort, creativity, and color to make pieces that are as versatile as you can get creative with!

Find me on Facebook for more clothing photos:

…..Be open to movement and creativity……

  1. heatherlee says:

    Hey girl, I love your work. So creative, and I love the boxing background…so good! Would love to connect w/ you on FB too, do you have a page or just a profile?

    Keep ROCKIN!

  2. Sam Lanuza says:

    Hey, Thank you for visiting my site. I was scanning your site and I find your style very creative and adventurous. 🙂

  3. petersburgh says:

    Just saying hi. I haven’t heard from you or seen any recent posts

    • That little voice inside my head thats been telling me all week to write something has come alive! LOL
      I did wake up this morning and actually begin a post on CultivatingMrsHuxtable.
      I certainly need to get back on the blogging!
      Thanks for the note 🙂

      • petersburgh says:

        No problem. I always call out my fellow bloggers when I don’t hear from them too often. Actually I’m trying to link up with the bloggers I interact with most to share ideas, keep tabs and get those little voices to scream

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