Plain tshirts are for losers who shop at the mall!

Posted: June 27, 2012 in Fashion Design
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Batgirl goes to the Roller Derby! Don’t mistake her sexy look for being too nice. She will run you over with her lace and frills and leave your body on the skating rink.

Batgirl Roller Derby Tshirt combines unique, handmade details:

**Full lace back keeps you looking just as funky from the back side
** Keyhole collar in the back
** Black lace puff sleeves
** Black velour lining makes the shirt pop even more as it accents the sides and top
** Old School Batgirl picture in the front

Plain tshirts are for losers who shop at the mall!

One of a kind, size medium only. Available at:

  1. Juan Blackman says:

    Your style is pretty hot…my girl digs the skates–she’s in roller derby (her team is in need of new uniforms with a fresh design, hmmmmmmmmm…..)

    • Oh, wow, thats really cool! I have totally gotten into roller skating this summer, so I decided to create a roller derby line that takes something sweet and girly and makes it explosive and fierce. Kind of how I picture roller derby. What is her team called? Do they have videos? I am sure it will be a source of inspiration for me!

    • By the way, she can also check out my webstore, its super funky, and everything is stretchy so you can move and breathe and be active in it!

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