The Chapelle Show Shirt

Posted: April 23, 2012 in Fashion Design
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I had to fire my cleaning lady today.
She would rather look hot than clean. Rather chill than sweep.
There are no Desperate Housewives with the Chapelle Show Shirt.

Off the shoulder red Chapelle Show Shirt.
Heather Gray trim on red shirt with shots of different characters from the Chapelle Show.

One of a kind made in a size medium only.

  1. I love the colors in these shots! Really dig your style. My gf was looking for a shirt like that..I’ll be sure to check out your website..Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks! I am sure she will love what she sees on my site.

  3. Lawaina says:

    This is hot follow your blog….

  4. Thanks Lawaina!! Your blog looks great!

  5. Juan Blackman says:

    Good Lord, that’s fly!

  6. […] blue and red lipstick and had some great photography done. The full range of pictures can be found here. Then I did the next listing going for an 80s roller derby look. I put on some blue lipstick, […]

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